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Shimano Sahara FJ 2022 review


In 2022 new Shimano Sahara FJ spinning reel series will replace already loved by many anglers Sahara FI 2017. Sahara it is not so expensive series and it is quite popular among many anglers around the world. Many anglers have been waiting for this update and finally this moment has come.


Lets find out about all new features of the Shimano Sahara FJ 2022 spinning reel series.


If you are visually compare the Sahara 2017 and 2022, you wount see obvious changes in the design, we can't say that the new generation looks much more modern than the previous one.


Of course, some outlines and color schemes have changed, as well as such little things as a knob and holes in the spool.





In many ways, these are all purely visual solutions that seemed to Shimano's engineers and designers to be more modern and relevant for 2022. I will not argue with them, I liked the 2017 Sahara and its update in 2022 also does not raise questions and negative assessments for me.


New Sahara FJ offer us two major technology updates: screw-in into main gear crank handle and Silent Drive.


Thanks to these improvements, the new Sahara became more sensitive, smoother and quieter. This is a great example when there are not many changes, but they are made in the most important parts of the reel.


All other technological solutions of the new Sahara FJ are the same as in the 2017 series. The materials of the body, rotor and spool are the same, the number of ball bearings also the same. If we compare the weights of the reels in 2500 size, we can note that the new series has become 10 grams (0.35 oz) lighter.

Model range and specifications

The updated 2022 Sahara series includes 12 models: 500, 1000, C2000S, C2000SHG, 2500, 2500SHG, C3000, C3000DH, C3000HG, 4000, 4000XG and C5000XG.



Through this link, you can easily compare the new Sahara FJ series with the previous one, as well as others.


Despite a few significant upgrades, the price of the new 2022 Sahara FJ series has remained at the same range: $75 - $90 US dollars depending on the model.


Sales of the new Sahara FJ will start from March-May 2022.

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